About Me

Hi! My name is Joelyne {yes, like the song}

When I was 8 years old I watched a tap dancing video that my grandparents brought over. I instantly wanted to be a dancer and thats exactly what I did. Through dance, my love for music grew. I began to play guitar and sing {unfortunately for my parents and two brothers} ALL the time.

As I got older I found myself experimenting with video clips and music. I would borrow my dads GoPro and take it with me everywhere I went. It would always be there when nothing particular was going on just in case something would happen worth videoing. I started to travel as I got older and I captured videos of my adventures and the characters that I met along the way. After all this time having the GoPro attached to my arm I would edit down all the clips to a few of my favourite songs. There was something about that feeling of connecting video to music and editing it so they fit perfectly. It gave me goosebumps.

I posted my videos on YouTube to share with my friends, family and anyone who needed a smile. One summer I had a few amazing friends ask me if I wanted to capture their wedding. From then on everything just fell into place and it was one of those moments when you ask yourself “why haven’t I been doing this all along?”.

Nothing makes me happier then being able to capture a couples special day. I have a love for making people happy and I will settle for nothing less then goosebumps for every video I make!