{Engagement Videos}

{Erin & Peter}

These two melt my heart! Such a perfect spot to share their love story.

{Steve & Joelyne}
I’ve captured so many engagement videos this year but it was such a amazing experience to capture my own love story.

{Derek & Alanna}
I had such a great day meeting Alanna and Derek in Kincardine and capturing their engagement story! Two very fun and kind hearted individuals! Spending the day with them felt like catching up with two old friends.

{David & Krista}
I am so lucky to have captured such a beautiful love story! Two people who grew up on opposite sides of the world and found one another.. if thats not fate I don’t know what is!

{Jaben & Megan}
Heres an engagement story told by an amazing couple in their beautiful backyard! I love how Jaben & Megan met when they were younger and reconnected later in life!

{Greg & Kim}
Loved getting to know Greg & Kim more through their engagement story! Who would’ve known Greg is afraid of mustard and pickles 🙂

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